Friday Night Youth Programming

Here is a detailed outline of our current Friday night youth group event at His Youth in Rosebank. This event is an Engage event in our disciplemaking strategy (the first step in a process of: Engage – Establish – Equip – Empower) – and is an opportunity for believers to bring teens that they are   […] More

Ministering Relationally Among Teens

The Program vs. Relationship Debate   This is one of the oldest debates in youth ministry circles. Are programmes still relevant for youth ministry in the third millennium? Should we should stop all our programmes and build relationships with people? Are our programmes actually hindering more than helping efforts at making disciples of all nations?   […] More

Ministering Prophetically Among Teens

God promised that in the last days there would be an out pouring of the Holy Spirit that sons and daughters would prophesy – there will be a dramatic increase in prophecy, dreams and visions in the last days. Acts 2:17-18 There will always be counterfeit prophetic ministry but that does not mean we should   […] More

Praying for Youth

Note: This is an outline for a time of prayer for youth facilitated with the entire church leadership (around 60 leaders who gather each Tuesday for prayer, worship, impartation and strategic planning). We are going to spend the next 20 minutes praying for youth ministry at His People Christian Church. We are going to divide   […] More

Developing a Corporate Identity

Definitions of Corporate Identity: * Corporate identity is the persona of the corporation – it is a set of values and principles held by the firm. And it is the way these values are communicated verbally, in writing, and graphically in the corporate logo, design and colors. You put all of these elements together and   […] More

Building a Disciplemaking Youth Ministry

Here are some notes I prepared in 2009 concerning how we built a disciplemaking youth ministry at His People Rosebank. 1. Design the Disciplemaking Strategy * Draw on current ministry thinking – Sonlife: Win, Build, Equip and Multiply – Every Nation: Evangelise, Establish, Equip and Expand – Seven Practises of Effective Ministry:  Andy Stanley –   […] More

Doing a Transformation Analysis

A helpful tool to use is this four step process to identify what transformation is currently taking place in your youth ministry: 1. What transformation is taking place? 2. What is helping transformation? 3. What is hindering transformation? 4. What do we need to do in the future to see greater transformation? The answers to   […] More

Doing a SWOT Analysis

Here are guidelines on running an effective SWOT Analysis for your youth ministry or organization: 1. Explain the Four Aspects of the SWOT Analysis Strengths – areas where we are strong. Weaknesses – areas where we need to improve. (Strengths and Weakness deal with current realities) Opportunities – areas we can move into to develop.   […] More