Ministry Teams

At His Youth we maximise the teenage years by providing equipping for teens to be involved in hands on ministry and have developed a leadership structure that ensures teens are directly involved in leadership under the oversight of adults. We currently have the following levels of leadership:


1. Youth Staff – Mark and Debbie Tittley serve as youth pastors who overseer the ministry among teens at His Youth.

Mark and Debbie


2. Adult Leaders – We are continually on the look out for adult who are willing to invest in the lives of teenagers in our ministry. They serve as mentors and coaches and also help to shape the vision and direction of the youth ministry.

Adult Leaders 2015


3. Youth Leaders – The adults leaders and seven teen leaders serve on this team, meeting once a month for 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon for prayer, strategic and program planning. Once a term this group meets to plan the Friday night events for the following term and also the Sunday teaching series. Here is a photo of this team taken in June 2014:



4. Connect Leaders – We currently have a group of around 20 teens who lead the small groups on Friday nights and also assist Youth Leaders each Friday night in the running of the program. They also handle the welcome, announcements and offering messages on Sunday mornings. Here is a photo of this team taken in May 2014:

Connect Leaders


Here is a photo of the teen leaders who are finishing high school this year and who have been released to focus on their final exams and those who are currently serving as Youth Leaders:



And finally what would this page be without photos of some of the teens in our ministry:




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